Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hines Ward - That's a Man, Baby!

"So long as we live among men, let us cherish humanity."

-Andre Gide

I heard John Salley dogging on Hines Ward (WR, Pittsburgh Steelers) because he cried after Jerome's potential last speech to the team. Seriously, who the fuck is John Salley to be dogging on anybody, let alone Hines Ward. Wasn't his career highlight playing a basketball player in Eddie? Hines Ward is more of a man than Salley will ever be, both professionally and personally. And by the way, girls looooooooove Hines Ward. We spend hundreds of dollars to buy his jersey and watch him play. Can't really say the same about you, Sally. Who's da man now?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Long Live Dikembe!

There are going to be (hopefully) three really good games tonight:

Rockets vs. Magic (TNT)

Cavaliers vs. Kings (TNT)

Clippers vs. Mavericks (Don't knock the Clips - they took the Spurs to the final seconds last night!)

Anyway, the Rockets game got me thinking back to a game I watched earlier this month when the Rockets played the Mavs. In that game - involving such vaunted superstars as Yao, Tracy McGrady, and Dirk Nowitzki - what struck me most was the person running the hardest, scrambling after loose balls, energizing the crowd wasn't some hotshot young All Star with a million endorsements. It was 100-year-old veteran Dikembe Mutombo.

Now when Van Gundy brought the Mutombo to the Rockets, my first reaction was "He's still alive?" and then "Oh God." I thought he'd be Shawn Bradley - you know, play 5 minutes, somehow get injured, then be out for the season...Come to think of it, that describes Can't-Even-Get-His-Ears-Pierced-Without-Getting-Hurt Darko, too. What a jackhole. Anyway, I was completely blown away by his effort. He may not be the shot blocking, finger wagging Deke of old, but damn, old man's still got something left. Plus he had this inexplicable, gi-normous bandaid smack dab in the middle of his face. Funny as hell.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say, Mutooooooomboooo! Long may he wane, I mean reign!

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Jackie Christie: The Gift that Just Keeps on Giving

Next on VH1: The Doug & Jackie Christie reality show.

It's just too good to be true. I'm sick of seeing Nick and Jessica compete for "World's Dumbest/Dullest Person." Oh but to be a fly on the wall in the asylum known as the Christie household, to see just how they come up with all those hand signals - one flick means "I love you," two flicks mean "You're way hotter than Tyra, I mean that person I've never looked at before" - it's going to be like watching The Osbournes and a bris all in one. I can't wait!

Refer to my previous post on Ms. Thang herself:

Monday, January 3, 2005

Kyle Korver: All Heart

Finally - AI has a teammate who plays with as much heart as he does. I just watched the Sixers-Nuggets game (taped from Friday night) and the Backstreet Boy Wonder was everywhere. He chased down loose balls, sprinted back to make the block, just did all the grunt work that doesn't necessarily translate into stats but makes all the difference to the team and their fans. The Sixers ultimately lost the game to a more than elated Michael Cooper, but what stuck out most in my mind - aside from Coop's unprofessional high-5ing and whooping before the game was officially over - was Kyle Korver and how he left it all on the floor.

As impressed as I was during the game, I'm even more impressed now upon learning that Kyle's grandfather had just passed away.

In an interview today, Kyle said, "He's somebody I was pretty close to. It's tough. [Friday] was an emotional game. I obviously had him in my heart the whole time."

He played in today's game vs. the Clippers then flew out for the funeral (to be held tomorrow), but he said he'd be back for Wednesday's game against the Jazz. I think for all the shit that athletes, and NBA players in particular, have been getting recently, it's just as important to acknowledge examples of their professionalism and dedication to their team and to the game. This game may not go down like Brett Favre's 4 touchdowns against Oakland, but I appreciate the effort and the heart just the same.

Link to article on Kyle and his grandfather's passing: