Saturday, December 11, 2004

Jackie Christie: Crazier than Anna Nicole or Just Misunderstood?

For those of you unfamiliar with Mrs. Jackie Christie, let me fill you in. If you think Ron Artest can generate some bad publicity and controversy, wait til you meet Jackie Christie. I'm sorry but I have to refer to her by her full name lest anyone think she's not married to Doug Christie, Sacramento Kings, in which case she may whup yo' ass! I could probably devote a whole website to her and her crazy-ass/simply misunderstood antics, but that would probably take the rest of my life.

Most people were introduced to JC (I can't keep typing that whole name out) during a preseason Kings-Lakers game in 2002 at the height of their rivalry. During the playoffs in June of that year, the Kings were standing at the door of the Finals, literally right there, and then the 3 in Game 4. Fucking Robert Horry. Instead of going back to Sac up 3-1, the Kings ended up 2-2 and eventually lost the series. Well at the preseason exhibition game in October, Rick Fox and Doug Christie got into it on the floor. Balls were thrown (both literally and figuratively) and both Fox and Christie were kicked out of the game.

Here's the thing, if you look at it from a fight aspect, Doug clearly whupped Rick's ass. Please like it's that hard. If Vanessa Williams could do it... Anyway, instead of going back to his locker room, Fox ran behind the stands toward the Kings' tunnel and put Doug in a headlock. Jackie - the omnipresent figure that she is - jumped up out of her seat and started hitting Rick with her purse. Both benches emptied - actually only Shaq got up for Rick, the entire Kings bench got up for Doug. How surprising Kobe wasn't there. The only time he has people's backs is right before he's about to stab them in it. Anyway, despite the fact that Doug proved himself on the court, the fact that his wife got up and tried to help him...well, that was all the ammo Shaq and sportswriters needed. And thus the legend of Jackie Christie was born.

Since then, everyone's paid attention to the Christies' relationship and started noticing things that were...odd. Doug did (and still does) these hand signals after every shot, rebound, assist, breath, step. They are signals to his wife telling her "he loves her." Now most girls would say "Awww" to that except the fact that JC has alienated every female out there who isn't her own flesh and blood. JC doesn't let any woman - child, adult, single, married - near her husband. Sometimes she'll let a female reporter interview Doug but she better be RIGHT THERE holding his hand, watching like a hawk. Some women who worked for the Kings actually filed a lawsuit against them and the Christies because they claimed they were "wrongfully terminated" because of JC and the fact that she's a crazy ass, jealous bitch. Now I don't know if those were the exact words in the court document, but I'm just summarizing for you. The suit had some merit b/c JC didn't like and thus barred female staffers from the Kings locker room where her hubby might not have his shirt on and you know, girls might just lose control and start throwing themselves at him.

One valid point she has though is that infidelity is as prevalent in bball as the refs are. Even Saint MJ had paternity suits brought against him. Gold-diggers and just straight up skanks prowl the games, the hotels, and the clubs. JC's defense at all times is protecting her marriage and her family. In that sense, really how is she any different from Anna Benson? (Anna Benson is the former stripper/model - aren't they all - who was named by FHM as the Hottest Wife in Baseball. In the article, she said if her husband ever cheated on her, she would sleep with his entire team - the Mets - including players, coaches, groundskeepers, janitors, anyone she could find and she would also sleep with all of his opponents.) Now just think, if Anna Benson would do that, what do you think them hos still trying to land their Kobe would do?

And so the saga of Jackie Christie goes on. I'll write more later but I think you need to digest all this first or else you'll just say I'm making this up; unless of course you've been privy to the hand gestures, the beeline for each other after the buzzer sounds, the weddings they put on every year to celebrate their marriage...I mean it just goes on and on. Oh and if that weren't enough, Ms. Thang HAS HER OWN WEBSITE! When I saw the link, I was like Naw, it's too good to be true. But it's real! See it for yourself and decide, Jackie Christie: Crazy or Misunderstood?

PS. The heart logo on her website is also the tattoo that Doug and Jackie have on their hands. Matching tattoos and everything. Seriously, it just goes on and on.


  1. Crazy like the fox! Obviously.

  2. Correction:
    Anna Benson made her comments to Howard Stern.

  3. You people need to get a life.
    The Christie's relationship hurts no one. If a woman keeping close to her man is such a strange concept to you, I suggest you take a look at Vanessa Bryant.

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  5. Jackie is kewl! No she is not crazy and is preserving her marriage. Jackie - keep doing your do!

  6. jackie got burned on Stern!!!!!

  7. What's wrong with being a committed couple? What's wrong with being happily married? What a stupid, cynical miserable world. I guess couples who are unhappy and hate each other are "normal". Hmmm.

  8. Just keepin doin what u do Mrs.Christie I have so much respect for you b/c u stand by your man no matter what. People are just being haters b/c they want the love that you 2 have! I wish you 2 all the best and I hope people will stop being so petty and leave you 2 alone :o)

  9. Leave them the fuck alone all yall haters want a relationship like that but you talk shit about there's because you dont have one of your on grow the fuck up and get your on damn life let them do them.

  10. Now I had never heard of the Jackie and Doug Christie (I was a basketball fan in the good ole Magic Johnson, Larry Bird days), so a few days ago I saw them on the Tyra Show. Now I don't watch the silly Tyra Show but I was sick in bed and the remote was out of reach and...well, whatever. Looking at the Christies was like look at a train wreck....awful, but you can't look away. Are they for real? If ever there was an unhealthy relationship, that is it! The woman has to be insecure, tormented and clearly paranoid. The man, whipped and caged. That relationship was even sillier than the Tyra Show. I don't care how long they have been together and how many times they 'celebrate' their marriage, that pressure cooker WILL blow! Nothing that unhealthy where a man is not allowed to breathe on his own can survive. I say this and I am a woman. Jeez, what kind of childhood did Jackie Christie have where she thinks in order to have a life, you have to hijack it? And where are Doug Christie's balls? Eaten by Jackie no doubt. I love love as much as the next woman, but I can do without unhealthy love any day! So let the break up watch for Doug and Jackie Christie WILL happen. And no, Jackie, I don't want Doug...I prefer my men with balls.

  11. you must know jackie you tired hater as you refer to her as though she is reading your hate she is a muti millionaire with a fine husband in doug that loves her obviously you lack love in your life so you are tring to tear them down won't you go get a porno movie and watch it with your parents and get off as you are the sickest in the world to sit and hate like you do and you know what they don't even care! good day i say!

  12. Normally I would not make comments on sites like this or any site for that matter. However some of the comments are so off base and immature as it relates to how a couple should live their lives. The Christie's have found a love that works for them and it sounds like Doug truly loves his wife from head to toe and his family. I believe that is what love is all about finding that certain thing that keeps the relationship alive, stimulated, vibrant. It's not about the money, its about how they feel about one another. The one girl who calls obseen names and screams out how her and her husband have plenty of money in the bank and so on and so-forth sounds truly unhappy. It's to bad!

    Doug and Jackie your relationship promotes a positive image for the black community. I would rather see this then some one on drugs and out of control like a Being Bobby Brown type of show.

    Stay strong and keep movin' on!

  13. It's clear that some "anonymous" posts here are FROM the Doug/Jackie Christie circle. Look at the comments, and the bad grammar. She writes the same way on her sorry ass website. Hmmm, they include his birthdate but not hers? She is the DEFINITION of INSECURITY, and will teach their children to be the exact same way.

  14. definetly the "anonymous posts"
    are from jackie.
    what a crazy bitch she is!!!
    and poor Doug, i used to admire him
    when he played for the kings.
    but now, i just can't look at him
    the way i did.
    i just hate the bitch!!!!!

  15. lol.... she's sooo far beyond dumb. I mean how can you give your child the proper education when you don't know owls are real and leprechauns are not real. Instead of spending all that money on weddings, they should be spending it on tutoring lessons for their child. Isn't one of her kids from a different man? And please explain to me why that doesn't make her a hoe?!

    She's by far the most insecure woman in the world. I feel sorry for Doug. He's such a nice guy stuck with that nut of a wife. Just her luck he's gonna have a positive paternity test... I'd like to see that episode.

  16. She is crazy and so is he! A grown ass man in a suit with no shoes and a lease around his neck article in essence magazine... why on earth would he ever pose like that? yeah that is boosting the young black male self-image... way to go Doug That just confirms she is the dominate one and he is the submissive one wonder how many whips and chains they have hiding in the closet?

  17. Jackie in my in opinion is being a real woman when it comes to her man. She stands by her man and is not in it for the money like most NBA wives.

  18. Heh. Well, now you can find out even more about her/them. Doug and Jackie are debuting an internet radio show on Nov 1, 2007, called Infinite Love Talk Radio. It will be a weekly Saturday show. And it's a call in show. Enjoy that!
    Now you can all ask her yourself.

  19. Wow, some people really don't like the Christies. Its a shame; I met them when Doug played for the Kings back in 2004 and they were so nice and sweet! Im in the entertainment business.. and the way that the tabloids and the paparazzi PORTRAY these stars are so different than who they really are.. It would seem from the pictures in essence magazine and the media surrounding the "Rick Fox fight" that Jackie would be the predominate, head strong, lion in the relationship. But its SO different than that. She is very quiet and low key.. And Doug is more upfront and seems like he will tell you about yourself. I have no interest in geting into any arguements with anyone on this 'Comment Board'.. however As a WOMAN i must say that the way you people bash her and treat her with such disrespect.. its appauling to me. We as a nation to stand together.. Not tear each other down. Maybe some people in the world don't like Jackie because A. She has a man that loves her. B. She is filthy rich. C. She has 3 absolutely beautiful children! and D. She has a loving relationship.. Something that MANY people dont... So i think people mistake HATE for JEALOUSY. But the funny thing is... talking bad about someone you dont even know, and probably wont EVER GET THE CHANCE TO, only personifies your ignorance while showing that you have no sense of self. I think that anyone that does not like Jackie should just keep it to themselves. Your input really is not needed, because I'm pretty sure that your opinion is not needed, nor used, in the Christie household. There are so many haters in the world today, but instead of HATING, how about you all try to get a relationship like the Christies, because if you knew them, you would know that it is nothing but pure. If you took nothing from this post, i honestly understand, but i will say this in closing.. L0VE C0NQUERS ALL; INCLUDING HATE. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

    -Samantha R.

  20. Jackie, Girl, keep doing what u do! We all know that these single hoes going for game to game not caring one single bit whether your man is your man or not. If ya'll like it, I love. Hell, I figure if Doug didn't like that shit after 12 marriages(literal weddings) to the same person he would've left sometime ago. I consider Jackie a Rideordie bitch. I mean that in the most sincere way, too! What good woman/wife is gonna sit by and let some punk jump her man from behind? I don't know one. So as I stated before....Jackie and Doug Christie ya'll do the Damn Thang!!!

  21. I love my husband. Always will. We vow to each other EACH DAY, what we want for our future and for our lives...then we pray....

    Acting insecure is one thing. Reacting out of disrespect is another.
    I will never make my husband the victim of an insecure woman, but rather insure (DEMAND) respect -from the public eye-

    for WHO I AM...

    HIS wife...

    By the way...he is an artist....

    if people go back to what a WIFE really is....we wouldn't have all this maddness!....

    your character speaks volumes. Your integrity speaks CHAPTERS.... much more than any antics, or jestures...

    there is no need to come at a woman, if she gives me no reason.

    Direct violation. Thats a reason!...

    doing your not....

    SOBER UP...and watch...

    you cant be there all the time. how can you be a whole person, living on the tail end of your husbands next move..>EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE, because you are so frought with his life, that you dont have one of your own.


    you cant "ENVOKE" "everlasting" either is, or it isn't......

  22. Christie sounds alot like "FATAL ATTRACTION" ain't that much love in the world, and sooner or later Doug is going to get over it? Frankly he is not all that, she is holding onto the lifestyle, and the $$$$$$$$$$$$. Anytime you would let him lie on the floor and refuse assistance from someone whom ever it may be (male or female) makes me question???? who she really cared about, couldn't have been him he was still choking while she was acting like a damn fool.


  23. I read about the incident of his choking in the restaurant and her warding off any female that came to assist them.
    Many are defending her actions and her response to why she behaved the way she did is soooooo stupid, she was trying to keep that doctor from putting her tongue down his throat. I work in a health clinic and I want to know SINCE WHEN DO YOU DO CPR ON SOMEONE WHO IS CHOKING???????????? The HEIMLICH MANUVER is what was called for here, does not require anyone to put their mouths on the choking victim. She has serious issues, and sooner or later Doug is going to get tired of being the Pet Rock!

  24. It seems to me that Jackie does not trust her husband Doug. To forbid him to look at other women is insane? Even though a couple is married, they do not own oneanother. The reason why She doesn't want him to look other women is because She does not trust him. A woman will only do what a man allows her to do. I understand that there are women out that are gold diggers and tramps, but controlling a person is based on fear and insecurity. She is a frightened, insecure woman with low self-esteem. You never hold on to a person that tightly. In a loving relationship, giving a person space to be his own person within boundaries is healthy. You never hold on too tightly to a person. It's very smothering. Where is the trust there??? He is a weak, hen-pecked man. I bet that he is intimidated by her. From what I hear about their relationship it is very unhealthy...

  25. That woman is mentally ill, she has a sick concept of what real love is, and her husband is not a man at all. But all good things do eventually come to an end, and when these break up and he grows up and realizes that she is sick, that is going to be a bad day for everyone.

    She cannot handle rejection. And she is not nearly as attractive as she purports herself to be.